Individual, couple, teen, child and family psychotherapy and counseling services. Telehealth services.


Fees and Insurance

$80 to  $125 (50 minute session)

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves the development of a relationship with a therapist in a supportive and accepting environment with the goal of reducing symptoms and promoting personal development and growth.  The therapist uses techniques to guide the client in a self-reflective process.

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy the therapist engages with the couple in a much more directive way.  Couples generally bring their patterns of behavior and emotions directly into the session and the therapist analyzes the interactions and offers feedback.  The intention of the feedback is to interrupt communication and interactional patterns, teach new ways of relating, and offer opportunities for practice.  Sessions are more intensive because both partners are charged with the responsibility of co-creating change.  

Group Therapy

Group therapy involves meeting with 6 to 10 individuals with a therapist guiding the process.  It is a very effective form of therapy because the group process helps individuals recognize the projections that have toward other members.  Group therapy usually also involves a core learning experience.  Rather than receiving feedback from one person, the therapist, individuals receive feedback from the participants as well.  Groups clearly define boundaries at the onset of therapy regarding confidentiality and acceptable group behavior.  

Family Therapy 

Family therapy is a type of therapy that works with the entire family in an attempt to change the family system to benefit all the members.  Rather than focusing on the origin of the problem or the symptoms of a particular individual family member, a family therapist helps families change the entire system that is maintaining or influencing the problem or symptoms.  The therapist is looking for patterns of interactions between family members and may attempt to shift those patterns.  Attention to boundaries, communication, expression of feelings, needs, and wants are explored.